Adding additional first name as a tribute to loved one: Boris’ story

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Read how we helped Boris’ parents add the name of his beloved grandfather as a middle name, allowing Boris to bring a lasting tribute to his grandfather.

Adding additional first name as a tribute to loved one: Boris’ story

Read how we helped Boris’s parents add his beloved grandfather’s name as an additional first name, allowing Boris to bring a lasting tribute to his grandfather.

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The issue

Boris, a 4-year-old boy, was born on the same date as his beloved grandfather. As he grew older, he began to look more and more like his grandfather. After the death of his grandfather, Boris’ parents wanted to bring a special tribute to their son by changing his name and adding his grandfather’s name as an additional first name.

Our approach

At Simmelink Law Firm, we carefully guide clients through the legal process of a first name change. For Boris and his parents, we followed our tried-and-true approach:

  • Telephone intake
    Understanding of the parents’ situation and wishes.
  • Preparation of a detailed petition
    Preparation of a complete and accurate petition to file the first name change application with the court.
  • Guidance on the application process
    Support and advice until the first name change was complete.

The result

The formal petition was successfully filed with the court, and Boris’ first name was officially expanded to include his grandfather’s name as a middle name.

The impact

Boris’ parents are deeply grateful that their son can now pay tribute to his loving grandfather in a special way. Not only did this gesture ease their sorrow, but it also strengthened the bond with the memory of their grandfather.

“It was an emotional process for us, but thanks to Simmelink Lawyers, it felt very personal and respectful. We are extremely grateful that Boris now carries his grandfather’s name. This means so much to our family.”

Family of Boris

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