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Are you looking for a law firm in Amsterdam specializing in family law? Do you have a question or would you like more information about a divorce, international divorce, alimony, asset division, pension, authority, name change or any other matter within family law? Please feel free to contact us for a non-committal first intake appointment.

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Throughout the years we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in family law and inheritance law, both nationally and internationally. From our offices in Amsterdam and Maarssen – Utrecht, we represent the interests of clients throughout the Netherlands and beyond. We advise individuals, entrepreneurs, expats and their spouses. We do this in the role of both attorney and mediator. For an appointment, please visit our office in Amsterdam. We are also very happy to talk to you via a secure video connection.

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The subjects within family law have to do with all facets of life. These cases almost always have a major emotional impact and far-reaching consequences.

A divorce, the dissolution of a registered partnership or the termination of cohabitation can be highly emotional and raise many questions. How should the legacy be divided? What should be included in the parenting plan? How much will the spousal support or child alimony be? Suppose one of you is an entrepreneur; what should you take into account? And what should you consider if you want to divorce a foreign partner?

Furthermore, matters about authority and changing a first name are also part of family law.

Whatever questions you have, we will provide you with clear and thorough legal advice so that you can make the right choices. Our family attorneys can assist you from our office in Amsterdam in proceedings, including unilateral or joint divorce applications or via mediation. In addition, we can give you discreet and independent advice in an ongoing divorce procedure or before you get married to ensure that everything is properly arranged.

Familierechtkantoor in Amsterdam

We advise clients from all over the Netherlands on matters like divorce, alimony and inheritance law. Furthermore, we assist Dutch nationals or their partners who live abroad, as well as clients with a foreign nationality, for example, when an international divorce is handled in the Netherlands. We also advise foreign attorneys on Dutch family law in proceedings that take place abroad.

We welcome you to visit our office for a non-committal first intake appointment. Is it not possible to make an appointment at our office? We can utilize a secure video connection for a confidential meeting online. Our quality and personal contact are guaranteed wherever you live, in the Netherlands or abroad.

About us

Simmelink Law was founded in 2018 and is located in Maarssen – Utrecht and Amsterdam. Throughout the years, we have grown into a full-service law firm for legal assistance in international family law, divorce, mediation, alimony and name law. We enjoy our work a lot and we value continuity in the quality of our work.

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Why should you choose Simmelink attorneys?

The best of both worlds: the personal engagement of a small firm and the professionalism of a large firm.

Personally engaged

We are personally engaged in your case and assist you from start to finish. In addition, we believe that accessibility is essential: you can always call or e-mail us if you have any questions.

Specialized with passion

We are experts in our field and stay up-to-date. We follow all recent developments, statements and court decisions. We can provide you with the right information and personal advice like no other.

Affordable and targeted

We know exactly what we do and what is needed in your situation. We don’t waste time on unnecessary things that only cost time and money.


Reviews from former clients

Our clients give us 5-star ratings. They appreciate the quality of our advice, our expertise, the personal involvement of the attorneys and the clear communication. We often hear that they should have taken the step to our office much earlier. We are very proud of this!

Experience why former clients are so enthusiastic about our office. Get to know us without obligation.

Contact with our law firm in Amsterdam

Visiting address

Oostenburgervoorstraat 90
1018 MR Amsterdam

Opening hours

Monday through Friday:
9:00 – 17:00

Bereikbaarheid van ons Amsterdamse kantoor

Our office in Amsterdam is located in the Oostenburg district, in the middle of Amsterdam. The Oostenburgervoorstraat is a street at Oostenburg, the Oostelijke Eilanden in the Amsterdam center.

Are you coming by car or bicycle?

Our office is easily accessible by car and is a short cycling distance from the center of the city. The Oostenburg building has sufficient parking facilities on site or nearby.

Are you traveling by public transport?

You can easily travel by public transport to our office from Amsterdam Central Station.

The website indicates that every five minutes a bus or metro departs from Amsterdam Central Station towards Oostenburgervoorstraat. You have the following options for each means of public transport:

  • Bus 22 towards Muiderpoortstation (get off at bus stop Wittenburgergracht) and bus 43 towards Borneo Eiland (get off at bus stop Kattenburgerstraat).
  • Metro 51 towards Isolatorweg and then change at metro station Weesperplein to tram 7 towards Azartplein (get off at stop Coehoornstraat)
  • Tram 26 in the direction of Ijburg (get off at the Rietlandpark stop).
  • Depending on the means of transport, after getting off it is between five to ten minutes by foot to our office.

Would you like to make an appointment or find out more?

An initial intake interview and evaluation of your case is always free of charge. We will discuss your situation, the different ways how we can help and assist you and give an indication of the costs. We are transparent and promise no surprises afterwards.

Would you like to make an appointment or find out more?

An initial intake interview and evaluation of your case is always free of charge. We will discuss your situation, the different ways how we can help and assist you and give an indication of the costs. We are transparent and promise no surprises afterwards.

Do you have questions or want more information?

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