Our way of working

We have many years of experience specializing in family and inheritance law, both nationally and internationally. With this experience and expertise, we can support you with the right course of action in all cases.

Attorneys at law

As attorneys at law we can assist you with a divorce or inheritance case in various ways. We can advise, mediate, negotiate and litigate in court to represent your interests. Before starting legal proceedings in court, we try to reach an arrangement with the other party.


In mediation, an impartial mediator can assist when you have a difference of opinion or conflict about a legal matter. This can be a conflict with a family member, employer or your (future) ex-partner. The mediator is independent and will discuss all possible solutions with you and the other party that will help you both.

At our firm, many clients request divorce mediation because it is fast, cost-effective and a sustainable approach in practice.

Second opinion

Do you already have an attorney or mediator but are unsure about the direction and progress of the process? Would you like advice on part of an ongoing case? In a second opinion, we discreetly take a neutral and objective look at your case. Furthermore, we can advise you whether to appeal after a court decision.

Why choose us?

The best of both worlds: the personal engagement of a small firm and the professionalism of a large firm.

Personally engaged

We are personally engaged in your case and assist you from start to finish. We also consider approachability important: you can always call or email us if you have any questions.

Specialized with passion

We are experts in our field. We follow all recent developments, statements and court decisions. We can provide you with the right information and personal advice like no other.

Affordable and targeted

We know what we are doing and what is needed, we do not waste time on unnecessary things that only cost money.

Free initial consultation

Do you have a question or want to submit your issue? Meet one of our attorneys at law without obligation. This meeting can take place at our office, by phone or via a secure video connection.

We always begin with a free, no-obligation introductory consultation to discuss your situation and explore what we can do for you. We listen to what you need – your priorities, intentions, goals and concerns.

Personally engaged

Our attorneys are personally involved in your case and will assist you from beginning to end. In a practical, efficient and comprehensible way, we offer security and relieve as many of your worries as possible. You will always have the same attorney, so you know who to call or email if you have questions. We stand beside our clients and are your confidant.

Specialized with passion

Our lawyers specializing in family law are interested in every issue and are experts in their field. We closely follow all recent developments and court rulings, allowing us to provide you with the right information and personalized advice like no other.


We use our expertise, passion and outside-the-box problem-solving skills to devise a legal strategy that moves you forward.

Some clients need a full course of action, such as divorce. Others need advice on a child support calculation. We can also help you by providing background advice. For example, if you are in mediation and you want to know if you are making the right choices. As a law firm, we also offer mediation ourselves. In mediation, people make agreements together under the guidance of a mediator. With this guidance, you can reach an agreement and avoid a lawsuit.

Our successful approach

“You are in the right place with us: we can help you move forward.”

We have the knowledge and experience to translate complex (legal) issues into practical solutions. Our family law attorneys do not waste time on unimportant details because they do not help you or simply only cost you money.

Our process in 5 steps:

  • Discussing your issue
  • Diagnosing
  • View options
  • Shared decision making
  • Getting Started

Before starting your case, we delve into your issue. Then we diagnose and figure out the real problem. We will discuss the possibilities and together we will choose the option that best suits your situation. Naturally, we give an indication of the cost, lead time and expected result. And then we go to work for you.

Read our clients’ experiences with our family law attorneys that we are proud of.

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