Dealing with legal questions and issues in family law can often be overwhelming and emotionally taxing. It may involve sensitive issues such as divorce, separation, child support or child custody.

It is important to have a trusted advisor who understands not only your situation, but also the emotional dynamics associated with family law issues. However, finding a counselor who is both professional and empathetic can be challenging.

Simmelink Lawyers is that partner for you. We are specialized in family law and our team of lawyers and mediators offers personalized and customized legal services to individuals, business owners and expatriates, in and outside the Netherlands.

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Divorce or break up

Spousal maintenance and child support

International divorce

Parental authority


Divorce as a business owner

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We are personally involved in your case and accompany you from start to finish. For us, accessibility is key: you can always call or email us with questions. We are always there for you.

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As experts in our field, we actively follow all recent developments and rulings. This allows us to always provide you with accurate, up-to-date information and personalized advice.

Results-oriented approach

We act decisively and proactively on your behalf. Our approach ensures that we take on every legal challenge for you and achieve the best possible solution.

Transparency and communication

We believe in the importance of clear communication and transparency in all our interactions. We proactively keep you informed about the progress of your case and all associated costs, so you always know where you stand.

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Divorce and breakup: A complex process with personal and financial interests

Divorce marks a profound life change, fraught with emotional, financial and legal issues. More than just ending a marriage or breaking up as cohabitants, it touches on issues ranging from the welfare of children to the division of property and debts. At such a crucial stage, professional legal support is indispensable, given the potential impact on child support, custody and visitation arrangements.

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Alimony: financial stability after divorce

Alimony is essential for financial security after a divorce. This can cover both contributions to the upbringing of children (child support) and support for the ex-partner (spousal support). Determining appropriate alimony requires careful consideration of several factors, including income, needs and desired standard of living. It is critical to reach equitable child support agreements that serve both the interests of both parties and the welfare of any children.

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International separation: cross-border legal challenges

Divorce is already complex, but with different nationalities or countries of residence, it becomes even more complicated. International divorces involve specific issues: Which law applies? Where will the divorce be handled? How do we arrange cross-border wealth distribution or access arrangements? And how do we ensure that a divorce decree is recognized internationally?

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Parental Authority: The responsibility over children

Parental authority concerns the responsibilities and rights of parents for their minor children. This involves decision-making around parenting, care and the child’s assets. When parents do not live together or divorce, the issue of custody often arises. This can range from joint custody, where both parents have a say, to sole custody with one deciding parent.

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Mediation: bridge to harmonious solutions

Family law cases can be emotionally charged. In this regard, mediation offers a constructive alternative to going to court. In this confidential process, an impartial mediator facilitates dialogue between the parties, with the goal of reaching a supported solution together. Whether dealing with divorce, child custody, child support or other issues within family law, the goal of mediation is an outcome that all involved can agree on.

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Divorce as a business owner

When you or your partner own a business, divorce brings additional complexities. Not only personal and children’s interests are at stake, but also the well-being and continuity of the company. In such situations, expert advice is essential.

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Vader met zoon op het strand

Erkenning buitenlandse man van Nederlands kind

In het verleden heeft hij een kortstondige relatie gehad met een Nederlandse vrouw, Lisanne, toen samen in Japan woonden. Kort nadat hun relatie was beëindigd liet Lisanne aan Thomas weten dat ze in verwachting is.  Zij wil niet zeggen of hij de vader is of niet. Thomas wil graag laten officieel laten bevestigen dat hij de (juridisch) vader van Simon is. De vrouw vindt het niet fijn dat vader en zoon elkaar hebben gevonden.
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alimentatie berekenen simmelink

Herberekening kinderalimentatie bij inkomensstijging

Wanneer er sprake is van een verandering in het inkomen van een ex-partner, kan dit gevolgen hebben voor de kinderalimentatie. Bij Simmelink Advocaten zijn we gespecialiseerd in het maken van deze berekeningen. In dit artikel leggen we aan de hand van een voorbeeldsituatie uit hoe we te werk gaan.
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From American dream to international divorce

Remco moved to America several years ago for work, he had the opportunity to pursue his dream there, and in consultation with his wife Annelies he left for a few years. Good arrangements have been made: Remco and Annelies will visit each other regularly. This is important not only for the partners but also for their son Benjamin. Benjamin was only 2.5 years old when his father moved temporarily.
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