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Based in Maarssen (Utrecht) and Amsterdam, Simmelink Lawyers has been your specialist in both national and international family law, inheritance law and employment law since 2018. Over the years, we have developed into a comprehensive law firm, whose core values are pleasure in our profession and an unbroken focus on quality.

Our lawyers have diverse experience, ranging from 3 years to even more than 20 years, giving us a unique blend of innovative perspectives and proven expertise.

At Simmelink Lawyers, we are your expert legal counsel. Whether you have questions about family law, inheritance law or employment law, in the Netherlands or abroad, we are here for you. Our experienced group of lawyers, mediators and legal experts provides tailored and personalized legal support for individuals, business owners and expatriates.

Our wealth of experience and full-service approach puts us in an excellent position to meet your specific needs. Expect concrete, applicable and efficient advice from us. Regardless of your legal question, we provide thorough and understandable guidance, whether through legal channels or mediation. In addition, you can contact us for confidential consultations or a second opinion.

At Simmelink, we focus on opportunities and possibilities, rather than focusing on limitations. This enables us to present innovative solutions, continually surprise our customers in a positive way and maintain an inspiring atmosphere within our team. We value direct communication and are focused on practical solutions that actually make an impact. Our priority is to find the best outcome for our clients, whether it is a legal solution or a creative alternative.

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Employees of Simmelink Law Firm

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Auteur: Henk ten Dolle

Henk vervult de rol van Manager Bedrijfsvoering bij Advocatenkantoor Simmelink. Hij is verantwoordelijk voor de coördinatie van finance, marketing, HRM, en ICT en draagt bij aan de strategische planning en dagelijkse operaties van het kantoor. Zijn werk richt zich op het verbeteren van de bedrijfsprocessen en het ontwikkelen van een sterkemarktpositie.

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