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Simmelink Law Firm was founded in 2018 and is located in Maarssen (Utrecht) and Amsterdam. Throughout the years, we have grown into a full-service law firm for legal assistance in international family law, divorce, mediation, alimony and name law. We thoroughly enjoy work and we value continuity in the quality of our work.

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We advise and support clients in their issues of (international) divorce, alimony, change of first name, and more.
We advise not only clients from all over the Netherlands, but also Dutch people or their partners who live abroad. It does not matter in which country you live. Our clients are individuals, entrepreneurs, expatriates and their spouses.

We assist expats when the Dutch courts have jurisdiction. Whether this is the case depends on your personal circumstances. In this article, we explain when this is and is not the case.

We also advise foreign lawyers on Dutch family law. We can assist your local lawyer if you live abroad and your case is being handled abroad. We have already helped many Dutch people abroad in this way.

We are proud of the high ratings and great reviews from clients! They are the best proof of our successful practice and results. Our services are definitely affordable.

Remote legal advice

Are you not located near one of our offices in Maarssen (Utrecht) or Amsterdam? No problem.
We have extensive experience with video meetings and are able to use programs such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. Our quality and personal contact are guaranteed wherever you live in The Netherlands or abroad. We have experience providing excellent remote assistance and being separated by distance does not detract from the quality we deliver.

Why Simmelink lawyers?

We understand that family law is much more than a legal issue. It is an event that can change your life. In the legal field, nothing catches us off-guard as we are also involved in your situation and aware of the personal consequences for you, your relatives, your friends and the environment.

No case is too complicated for us. In recent years our experience has expanded so broadly that, as a result, we dare to say that we are specialists in the (international) familiy law field. Whether it’s divorce abroad, divorce in the Netherlands, divorce from a foreign partner or alimony and custody: we have experience with it.

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