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Dimitrie Dominic AvatarDimitrie Dominic
Very good law firm. Extremely professional and expert assistance, but above all very personally involved in my case. My thanks go to Mrs Simmelink and her colleagues!
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Hugo Stramrood AvatarHugo Stramrood
We were looking for a lawyer to guide us in a Dutch court for a name change. Since we live in England, the question was how we could find a competent lawyer on the internet, fortunately we succeeded. Simmelink law firm helped us with the entire process and kept us informed of developments. Fortunately, the outcome was also a good one for us.
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Wanchi AvatarWanchi
I contacted several law firms for proceedings. While Simmelink was not the cheapest for this procedure, they were the most professional. I have had a rather lax impression of some other firms (I also have a legal background).

The intake procedure was extensive and carefully done to properly understand the facts, asking the right questions. The documents were well written, with room for consultation and adjustments as desired.

Communication was always good and I was well informed about every step in the procedure. I highly recommend Simmelink.
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Djomassi Camara AvatarDjomassi Camara
Zijn deskundigheid en hebben kennis van zaken. We hebben goed advies gekregen en heldere communicatie.
Het resultaat was een correcte afhandeling van mijn zaak zonder extra kosten die ze vooraf goed hadden ingeschat.
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