Lawyers and mediators
for family law, inheritance law and employment law

Simmelink Lawyers is your trusted legal partner for issues in the areas of (international) family law, inheritance law, and employment law, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Our expert team of lawyers, mediators, and legal professionals offers personalized and tailored legal services to individuals, business owners, and expatriates.

With our extensive knowledge and all-encompassing approach, refined through years of experience, we can precisely meet your needs. You can count on us for effective and practical advice.

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We advise clients nationwide on:

Additionally, we can provide support as lawyers or mediators in international family law cases, such as international divorces, for:

  • Dutch nationals or their partners living abroad
  • expats living in the Netherlands
  • advice for foreign lawyers on Dutch family and inheritance law

You are welcome to schedule an initial, no-obligation intake at our office in Maarssen – Utrecht. If an in-office appointment is not possible, we also offer the option of video calling. No matter where you live, in the Netherlands, or abroad, we always guarantee quality and personal contact.

Lawyers & mediators for family law, inheritance law and employment law

For any question you have, we offer clear and thorough legal advice to help you make the right decisions. Our lawyers are ready to support you, whether in legal proceedings or through mediation. In addition, our lawyers and legal experts are available for confidential, independent advice or a second opinion.

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Family law lawyers

In our personal and family law practice, we address various aspects of life, including custody issues, marriage, divorce, alimony, and first name changes. These issues encompass both personal and financial aspects, often having significant emotional impact and far-reaching consequences.

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International family law lawyers

In our international practice, we handle divorce, alimony, property division, and custody issues across national borders. We assist Dutch nationals abroad and expatriates in the Netherlands by providing solutions that take into account cultural nuances and international legal complexities.

Our expertise in both Dutch family law and private international law enables us to provide effective solutions that consider cultural differences and international complexities.

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Inheritance law lawyers

In addition to the emotional impact of a family death, bereaved families often encounter numerous questions. Who will settle the legacy? How should the inheritance be divided? What does the legitimate portion mean? And is it possible to refuse rather than accept the inheritance? Moreover, conflicts over the settlement of the estate frequently arise.

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Employment law lawyers

Employment law is constantly evolving, posing ongoing challenges for employers to stay abreast of increasingly complex laws and regulations. Much is also expected of them in terms of being good employers. On the other hand, a labor dispute, reorganization, or long-term absenteeism can have profound effects on an employee’s life.

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Our clients value us for the quality of our advice, our expertise, the personal involvement of our attorneys, and the clarity in our communication. They often indicate that they wish they had stepped into our office sooner. Read all reviews.

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A initial consultation and evaluation of your case are always free of charge. In this conversation, we’ll discuss your situation, explore potential options, and provide an estimate of the expected costs. Our goal is complete transparency, so you won’t face any unpleasant surprises.

Why choose Simmelink Lawyers?

“The best of 2 worlds: personal involvement of a small firm and the professionalism and expertise of a large firm.”

Personal commitment

We are personally involved in your case and accompany you from start to finish. For us, accessibility is key: you can always call or email us with questions. We are always there for you.

Expertise and up-to-date information

As experts in our field, we actively follow all recent developments and rulings. This allows us to always provide you with accurate, up-to-date information and personalized advice.

Results-oriented approach

We act decisively and proactively on your behalf. Our approach ensures that we take on every legal challenge for you and achieve the best possible solution.

Transparency and communication

We believe in the importance of clear communication and transparency in all our interactions. We proactively keep you informed about the progress of your case and all associated costs, so you always know where you stand.

Our experience and knowledge will help you move forward

Want to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments, or delve deeper into cases we have assisted our clients with? We share current news and case studies in the form of blogs and real-life stories.

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Recognition by foreign husband of Dutch child

In the past, he had a brief relationship with a Dutch woman, Lisanne, when they lived together in Japan. Shortly after their relationship ended, Lisanne informed Thomas that she was expecting. She will not say whether he is the father or not. Thomas would like to have it officially confirmed that he is Simon’s (legal) father. The woman does not like that father and son have found each other.
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Een oudere man met boeken, mogelijk nadenkend over zijn testament en nalatenschap.

Beneficiary acceptance: how we helped Julia make a wise and safe choice

Julia’s uncle died, and he named her an heir in his will. Although she was grateful for some bequests, she knew little about his financial estate, including possible debts and inheritance taxes.
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Treurige man die onterfd is.

Disinherited child and the right to the legitimate portion

Mike and Miranda are married and over the years have built a family with three adult children: Bas, Pim and Johan. Due to circumstances, the relationship between Bas and his parents has deteriorated. The parents decided to disinherit one of the children.
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