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Simmelink Advocaten – lawyers in family law, inheritance law and international family law

Simmelink Advocaten offers both national and international specialized legal services in the areas of international family law, Dutch family law and inheritance law.

We guarantee high-quality legal advice and exceptional service, so you can proudly call us“your lawyers.

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Are you dealing with complex family law or inheritance issues?

Overwhelmed by the intricacies of family law or inheritance disputes?
Having trouble with an (upcoming) divorce, alimony, parenting plan or custody?
Questions about international family law issues?
Not satisfied with your first name?
Stress and disagreement due to inheritances and inheritance disputes?

You do not have to face these challenges alone. With our specialized legal support, you can confidently address these issues and find peace of mind .

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Receive the expert legal support you need

At Simmelink Lawyers, we understand that legal issues are personal and often emotionally charged. That’s why we offer personal and committed guidance so you feel supported throughout the process. With in-depth knowledge and specialties in all facets of family and inheritance law, we work together to achieve the desired results in every situation.

Our effective approach ensures that you get the best results while we handle your case with integrity and discretion. Whether you live in the Netherlands or abroad, we can support you with expert advice and customized solutions.

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Advocacy, mediation, consulting and second opinion

At Simmelink Law Firm, we offer clear and thorough legal advice that will help you make the right decisions. Our lawyers and mediators are ready to support you through both legal proceedings and mediation. In addition, you can contact us for confidential and independent advice or a second opinion.


Advice and guidance on legal issues and disputes from your perspective
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Sustainable and mutually acceptable solutions without lengthy procedures
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Advice & 2nd opinion

Expert and reliable advice in ongoing litigation, mediation or strategic choices.
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Our specializations

At Simmelink Lawyers, we are focused on providing specialized legal support in various areas of law so that you always receive the best possible guidance. With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in these specialties, we strive to provide you with the best legal support. Contact us for a personalized, no-obligation consultation.

Family Law

Counseling in divorce, alimony, visitation, prenuptial agreements and custody cases
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International family law

Family law for Dutch nationals abroad and expats in the Netherlands.
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Inheritance law

Accepting, rejecting, or distributing inheritance, judicial procedures, and dispute resolution.
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Name right

Application and guidance for changing, adding or deleting first name
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Benefits of Simmelink Lawyers

Our experienced lawyers offer customized solutions, ensuring you receive the professional attention and high-quality support you need.

You will receive advice from legal experts, leading to better results in your case. You can make legal decisions with confidence, knowing you have the best possible support.

You will feel understood and supported from A to Z. By discussing expectations and explaining around our approach, we provide calm and stability during a difficult time. We take your legal worries off your hands, allowing you to focus on your life and work.

You know exactly where you stand which allows us to reduce stress and uncertainty for you. Through our integrity and discretion, we ensure that your personally sensitive information remains secure so that you can move forward with peace of mind. We handle your privacy and confidential information with care.

Why choose Simmelink Lawyers?

The best of both worlds: the personal touch of a boutique office and the professionalism and expertise of a large firm.

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Schedule an introductory meeting

During a 30-minute, no-obligation consultation, we will discuss your legal situation, answer your questions and give you immediate clarity about your legal position, costs, and timeline.

Drafting action plan

Our lawyers will prepare a customized legal strategy for your case. We inform you of important developments, so you can rely on expert guidance and always know what the next steps are.

Legal advice and assistance

With a solid strategy, we provide you with the right legal advice and guidance so you can focus on what really matters to you and not legal issues.

Our approach

We put our clients’ needs first, knowing that each case is unique.

Our experienced lawyers offer customized solutions so you get the attention and support you need. With our extensive expertise, we can effectively handle your legal matter.

From our practice: results for real people

At Simmelink Law Firm, we understand that every legal issue is unique. Our case studies show how we work with care and attention to detail to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

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A matching first name to one’s identity: Moos’ story

Learn about Moos’ journey to officially changing his first name to one that better fits his identity and how this has made him more confident.
vrouw paspoort spelfout voornaam | Simmelink Advocatenkantoor

Repair spelling error first name: Maries story

Find out how we supported Marie in correcting a spelling error in her name, so she can now proudly wear her correct name on all her official documents.
Opa kleinzoon voornaam toevoegen dierbare | Simmelink Advocatenkantoor

Adding additional first name as a tribute to loved one: Boris’ story

Read how we helped Boris’ parents add the name of his beloved grandfather as a middle name, allowing Boris to bring a lasting tribute to his grandfather.
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Reviews from former clients

5 star review | Simmelink Advocatenkantoor

Law firm Simmelink is distinguished by expertise and in-depth knowledge. My case was handled correctly with no unexpected costs, which they estimated accurately in advance.

5 star review | Simmelink Advocatenkantoor

Excellent law firm! The team is very friendly, communication clear and appointments are always kept. I definitely recommend this firm for legal support.

5 star review | Simmelink Advocatenkantoor

Simmelink’s handling of my alimony calculation was fast and efficient, and I am very satisfied with the result. They are approachable and have extensive knowledge.

5 star review | Simmelink Advocatenkantoor

Law firm Simmelink is very professional and client-oriented. They understand the client’s needs and go out of their way to help. Rarely do you see a company where the customer is as central as at Simmelink.

Our lawyers

At Simmelink Lawyers, you will find legal experts known for their approach, quality and integrity. We prioritize our clients’ needs and understand that each case is unique.

“Our lawyers are accessible, responsive and keep you informed about the progress of your case.”

mr. Carla Simmelink
Carla Simmelink

Carla Simmelink

Attorney at law

sanny jurkovich | Simmelink Advocatenkantoor

Sanny Jurkovich

Attorney at law


We specialize in family law, international family law and inheritance law. International family law includes marriages contracted abroad where one of the partners has Dutch nationality or expatriates residing in the Netherlands. We provide expert legal support in these areas of law.

You can make an appointment by calling us at +31(0)30 – 3078732, sending an e-mail to info@simmelink.nl, or filling out our online contact form.

The initial consultation is free and takes about 30 minutes. During this conversation, we will discuss your situation, the options you have, give an indication of the cost and how long the issue may take.

We are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A typical case begins with an initial consultation, followed by the collection of necessary documents and information. Then we draw up a strategy and begin legal proceedings if necessary. We will keep you informed throughout the process.

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