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At Simmelink Lawyers, we understand the importance of a first name that fits your identity. That’s why we offer expert help in changing your name, with a personalized and understanding approach to each unique situation. Our lawyers specialize in all aspects of the name change process, from legal advice to court processing.

Our experienced lawyers will guide you step by step in changing your first name. We offer clear advice and handle your application. You can choose a personal appointment at our office or the convenience of a video call, our quality remains the same.

Wondering if you can change your first name? Enter your details and receive a free, no-obligation personal consultation from us. We will guide you through the entire procedure from start to finish.

Gratis check voornaamswijziging

Gratis check voornaamswijziging

U krijgt van de rechter alleen toestemming om uw naam te wijzigen als er sprake is van dringende redenen.

Reviews: what our clients think

Our clients value us for the quality of our advice, our expertise, the personal involvement of our attorneys, and the clarity in our communication. Often, they mention they wish they had come to our office sooner. This fills us with pride! Read all reviews.

Below are the experiences of two clients after changing their first names with us.

For a first name change, I was looking for a lawyer. Through Google, I came in contact with law firm Simmelink. Despite this difficult time, the phone contact was super, I felt seen and understood. It seemed impossible to have my first name changed as unfortunately I did not have two important documents: Birth Certificate and the Notice of Dutch Citizenship. I had almost given up but Simmelink lawyer did everything he could and made it work. Today I not only feel like Madalena Mataya but I can actually call myself that. Thank you very much Simmelink Advocaat.

Madalena Mataya J.

Mrs. Simmelink arranged our little son’s first name change for us. We are very happy with the result and very satisfied. From the beginning, Ms. Simmelink was always easily accessible, transparent, clear and helpful. Throughout the process, we were always kept nicely informed of how things were going. She is very knowledgeable in her craft and we can only recommend her.

Eefje S.

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Auteur: Carla Simmelink

Carla Simmelink is advocaat en eigenaar van Advocatenkantoor Simmelink. Haar specialisaties zijn: familierecht, naamrecht en erfrecht in Nederlandse en internationale kwesties. Carla is een betrokken, geïnteresseerde gesprekspartner en gaat voor het beste resultaat. Pragmatisch en doelmatig behartigt zij uw belangen.

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