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At Simmelink Lawyers, we recognize the diversity and complexity of legal issues facing our clients, whether individuals or business entities. In a sometimes complicated legal landscape, having reliable and knowledgeable guidance is essential for many.

Our clients value not only our legal expertise, but also our commitment to clear communication, efficiency and integrity in every case. Whether you are an individual with personal legal concerns or an entrepreneur with business-specific challenges, we are ready to assist you with the same level of professionalism and care.

We advise and support clients in their issues of (international) divorce, alimony, custody, change of first name, inheritance and employment law. We are there not only for clients from all over the Netherlands, but also for Dutch people or their partners living abroad, regardless of the country of residence.

Legal advice for expatriates and foreign lawyers

Our expertise also extends to assisting expatriates, especially when the Dutch courts have jurisdiction. Authority depends on your personal circumstances, and we have an article explaining when it does and does not. In addition, we advise foreign lawyers on Dutch law. If you live abroad and your case is being handled there, we can work with your local lawyer. This approach has allowed us to help many Dutch people abroad.

Good reviews from clients

One of our greatest prides is the ratings and positive feedback from our clients. These reflect our commitment to excellence and confirm that our approach and results resonate with those we serve. Despite our high quality of service, our services remain affordable and transparent.

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Henk vervult de rol van Manager Bedrijfsvoering bij Advocatenkantoor Simmelink. Hij is verantwoordelijk voor de coördinatie van finance, marketing, HRM, en ICT en draagt bij aan de strategische planning en dagelijkse operaties van het kantoor.

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